RECLAME Creative Communication 2018

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From Carousel to Nana Bianca passing through Europe

For two days Florence was the international capital of creativity. Great success for the first edition of RECLAME Creative Communication 2018, an event dedicated to professionals and aspirants working in creativity, born within the Firenze Fashion project, aimed at developing virtuous initiatives with positive repercussions on the economy, society and the landscape.

On Saturday, September 29, in Florence, the spotlight went out on the first edition of Reclame Creative Communication 2018. The event, which took place at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence, in conjunction with the second edition of the Florence Book Festival, recorded a turnout of over 50,000 visitors, laying the foundations for the creation of a successful project, aimed at sharing content and relationships. Very satisfied Gregorio Salimbeni, creator of the first edition of Reclame together with his Media Firenze staff, and who also follows the organization of Firenze Fashion, who said: “That of communication is a sector that must learn to make system. We have invested over 200,000 euros and two years of research to bring this event to life because we believe this is the right way to give companies and young people a chance to meet. The success and great enthusiasm recorded in this first edition was such that many insiders have already asked me to give an international cut to the second edition.”

The Florentine event, sponsored by the most important Florentine and Tuscan bodies, in collaboration with restArte and Firenze Fiera, has seen the presence of almost two hundred brands, more than 50 creative and original equipment, as well as the participation of 30 high-level speakers, registering a high number of visitors and professionals in the communication sector from all over Italy, and beyond.

Everything revolved around creativity and its various forms of expression, ranging from the graffiti artist and painter Skim, artistic director of the entire event, to the muralist illustrator Egeon, to the veteran Francesco Misseri, founder of the legendary Studio K in Florence who, together with his staff, has devised numerous advertising campaigns for the Carousel at the turn of the fifties and

At the Cavaniglia pavilion, numerous fittings were exhibited, including that of Hard Rock Cafè in Florence, with a decorated bee and the guitar displayed at the entrance of the event, or the one with Samsung-signed monitors managed by Copyworld, witnesses of that skilful creativity that has always been a trump card in the world of communication.

Complaint Creative Communication 2018 did not stop only at this: with the participation of Enrico Mayrhofer, Director of the Liaison Office with the EU Institutions, Tuscany Region and Francesco Molica, Communication Officer European Commission, DG Regio, the various opportunities that the European Union offers in the field of communication and media were illustrated, thanks to the activities and work of the Office of the Tuscany Region

But is creativity just an abstract concept? Absolutely not. The example was given by some professionals – from Alessandro Sordi of Nana Bianca to Vincenzo Bonelli, mentor MIP Murate Idea Park, from Claudio Anastasio, founder of tNotice, to Patrizio Donnini, creator of Keesy, to Fabio Cacioli, director Beyond-Italy and Lapo Cecconi of Kinoa – who with their Start-ups have

The second day of the event saw the awarding of the winners of the Fiorino Advertising award, for the best social-themed creative communication project carried out by over 600 young people, which was delivered to Gaia Gentilotti with the “Turn your life” project and to Eleonora Rellini, Diletta Socci and Giorgia Petrone with the “Keep the focus on your life”

The Creativity in Exhibition award, dedicated to the most original preparation appreciated, both by professionals and by the public, for materials, colors, message and communicative impact, went to the company Adduma Car which, with its mimes, has succeeded with simplicity to entertain the public, while sensitizing it with irony and intelligence on such a current and important theme, such as that of respect for the

Finally, the Creativity Award for effect, was instead awarded to the Catoni e Associati agency for Tuscany, as the best communication campaign that stood out in the Media in 2018 for visual impact, creativity, coordinated image and corporate value.

The event closed with the launch of the “A Start up for the environment” competition, aimed above all at young people, who by December 20, 2018 will have to submit a project on sustainability, and with the charity auction in favor of the Toscana Tumors Association, which saw the sale of some equipment present, including the one carried out by Alessandro Gedda and Anastasiya Lazurko

Creative Communication 2018 complaint, an advertising showcase for all young people and companies that participated, but also for the advertising agencies present, which were able to illustrate their services. And those who missed this important event do not worry: work has already begun for the second edition, scheduled for October 2019.