RestArte – Associazione per i Beni Culturali is a Body of the Third Sector or a non-profit organization of social utility, apolitical and independent. It carries out an observational activity that operates in the field of the protection and enhancement of culture, therefore works of art such as buildings, monumental complexes, objects and artifacts that have a considerable historical – artistic and more generally interest of cultural goods, belonging to both the public and private spheres. It is characterized by its structure open to the participation of other subjects, public and private, Italian and foreign, natural and legal persons, by the strong link with Florence, Tuscany and all of Italy.

Supporting Cultural Heritage

A cultural heritage is any activity, thing, movable and immovable that carries within it the culture inspired by beauty and knowledge shared in peace and transparency with all peoples.


Promote, support, develop projects of different nature aimed at sponsoring the restoration, preservation and enhancement of existing works of art mainly in the Tuscan territory, researching and using contributions, financing and other technical and financial resources, collected in particular among companies and entities interested. The Association will pay particular attention to any context having the enhancement of culture starting from historic buildings, parks and gardens, private and public art collections, libraries and archival goods as activities of collective interest where culture resides.