About us


RestArte – Cultural Association was founded in June 2008 and was reconstituted in 2022 by the will of people who have a particular sensitivity to culture. Following the experiences with the first two editions of “Firenze Fashion”, an event of fashion, culture and social commitment events welcomed by the Superintendencies for Cultural Heritage of the city of Florence and aimed at recovering funds for the restoration of Palazzo Pitti, we decided to establish a Foundation that would carry out this project, extending it further to other objectives and thus favor the adhesion of new sponsors thanks With the new rules of the third sector in 2022 it is reconfigured into an Association for Culture that with its aptitude was immediately appreciated by the Superintendencies and the main institutional bodies with which it collaborates and by some Florentine personalities known to the general public, recognizing the precious contribution given to the enhancement of the artistic goods of Florence.


Balzano Rita, Capponcelli Susanna, Ciaranfi Sonia, Curia Mario, De Santo Paolo, Grassi Nesi Tommaso, Meschi Sergio, Olivieri Massimo, Salimbeni Gregorio, Salimbeni Rosita, Sbattella Giuseppe, Tesi Lucia

Executive board

– Mr Gregorio SALIMBENI, President
– Mr. Paolo DE SANTO, Counselor
– Ms. Rita BALZANO, Councillor
– Mrs. Sonia CIARANFI, Councillor
– Mr. Sergio MESCHI, Councillor.

Organization chart

The Association recognizes the following categories of entities accredited to it:

Founding members are the subjects who have participated in the establishment of the association, also by contributing, or by obliging themselves to contribute goods, financial resources, services or other utilities intended to form and increase in a stable and lasting way the assets of the institution, or who lend full adhesion to it within six months of the establishment of the institution.

Institutional partners are natural persons, public and private entities, companies, companies that join the Association directly, or by presenting or committing to present a third party, who, even on several occasions, undertakes to contribute significant financial resources, technical resources, services and other goods, gifts, aimed at the pursuit of institutional purposes.

Supporting members are public or private entities that undertake to support the financing and sponsorship of certain cultural projects, restoration, rehabilitation and enhancement of works of art of other cultural goods, or when they promote and organize events or events of a cultural nature expressed in any form and manner. The supporting members will be able to access it through spontaneous decision or through the intercession and / or presentation of a Subject of institutional importance by contributing, or by obliging themselves to contribute, even on several occasions, technical financial resources, services and other goods, gifts, aimed at the pursuit of institutional purposes by specifying the address of the cultural interventions to be carried out (example: restoration of monuments)

Ordinary members are all other entities, natural persons, public and private bodies, companies, companies that otherwise wish to support the associative purposes in the spirit and according to the rules of these constitutions and have provided economic support of any entity regardless of the projects.

Honorary Members are those people who have particularly distinguished themselves in the field of Culture, that is, when they have provided valid support of economic or cultural image also as a model to follow. Honorary supporters can participate in all cultural events and events promoted by the Association.