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In 2012, the second edition of the Florens project took place. During the first edition, Florens 2010, 9,000 attendances were recorded at the conferences and Lectio magistralis and about 200,000 at the events, among which were particularly successful were the reenactment of the miracle of San Zanobi, with the arrangement of a green meadow between the Duomo and the Baptistery, and the re-enactment of the dispute over the location

Florens 2012 is a platform to unite organisations and actors who deal with the relationship between economy and culture and who believe that lasting prospects for economic growth should be firmly based on the revival of culture. In Florence, to develop innovative ideas and proposals, cultural institutions, banking foundations, companies and associations, the main national and international operators of the different fields of the cultural economy: opera houses, film and cultural entertainment festivals, universities and research centers, publishing and art magazines, creative industries – from luxury to crafts, from design to agri-food – art and antique fairs, museums and the most innovative

It is the set of these themes, subjects and experiences that make the quality of life and it is starting from this extraordinary heritage that it is possible to outline a new model of development and new proposals for Italy, capable of relaunching economic growth even in times of necessary rigor on the front of public accounts.

The Florens 2012 program saw the holding of the International Forum of Cultural and Environmental Heritage, as well as 40 round tables and conferences, 7 Lectio magistralis, exhibitions, works of art, installations, cultural aperitifs, musical events.

Some of the week’s initiatives have been promoted and curated by various and qualified organisations that have entered into partnership agreements with the Florens foundation.