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Costume historical groups from different Tuscan cities, offered a piece of medieval life in Palazzo Pitti where citizens witnessed a dive into the past with drums and chiarine.

The brute force of the ancient knights, protectors of Florence, has found display in rope shooting competitions for an arduous confrontation with foreign historical groups. The Florence crossbowmen shot in a spectacular competition with their arrows and then gave way to the archers who continued to strike their beams offering an exciting race. The flag bearers showed off all their insignia to accompany the competition of the ring throwing performed by the ladies. In addition, the throwing of the knives stunned the audience with breathtaking shots.

Inside the Ammannati courtyard, competitions were accompanied by Renaissance music. Some artisans, coming out of their workshops, showed their mastery in public.

A solidarity market has been set up by the restArte Foundation and Progetto Mondo committed to education for peace and development in the world.

A large crowd showed up at Palazzo Pitti.